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T e m a   L S t a i g   

(213) 880 – 5040

Production Designer

Battlefield America Director – Chris Stokes, Producers – Zeus Zimani, Chris Stokes

Certfiied, Director – Luke Guidici, Producers - Kimberly Browning, Luke Guidici

Happy Hour, Director - Mike Bencivenga, Producers - Kimberly Shane OíHara, Eric M. Klein, J.Todd Harris.

They Are Among Us, Director/Producer - Jeffrey Obrow, Producers - Shannon Gardner.

The Suzy Prophecy, Director – Heather Juergensen, Producers – John Stronack and Heather Juergensen.

Reflections, Director – Barry Caldwell,  Producer – Kimberly Browning.

Leo, Director – Joe Reitman,  Producers – Doug Blake and Annie Duke

Rey Luis  - Corazon Arrentempido, Music video.  Director -  Hans Trujilo, Director of Photography – Mateo Londono, Producer – Andres Navia.

Eco Trend Paint Commercial.  Producer/Director – Sinji, Director of Photography – Mateo Londono

Pantech Commercial.  Director - Andres Navia, Director of Photography – Mateo Londono.

3 Lab Commercial.  Producer - Andres Navia, Director of Photography – Mateo Londono.

Muscle and Fitness Workout Video.  Direcrtor/Producer – Doug Blake.

 Art Director 

Kissing Jessica Stein, Director - Charles Herman -Wurmfeld, Production Designer - Charlotte Bourke.
Pit Fighter, Director - Jesse Johnson, Production Designer - Michael Voelker.
Found, Director - Rex Piano, Production Designer - Michael Voelker.
Faultline,  Director - Rex Piano, Production Designer - Michael Voelker.

 Assistant to the Production Designer

American Splendor, Directors - Shari Springer-Berman and Robert Pulcini, Producer - Ted Hope. Production Designer – Therese DePrez

Associate Course Director – Art Direction: L A Film School
LAFS Faculty Sponsor: Women in Media

Faculty: The Art Institute – Los Angeles:  Production Design, Cinematic Design Workshop, Perspective Drawing

Education and Honors
1992  BFA: Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

1999  MFA: Tisch School of the Arts/NYU, Department of Design for Stage and Screen

2001  IFP Project: Involve NY Fellowship


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